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More Interviews!

Our last post full of interviews has gotten quite long, so here is a new one with some more recent interviews.  We will continue adding to it as more interviews come in!


Access (with Hailee Steinfeld)


Andrew Freund (with Hailee Steinfeld)

BBC Radio 1

UK Fans can access the entire interview HERE.


"BFFs" Featurette


with Hailee Steinfeld


Multiple Cast Interviews





Comicbook.com (with Hailee Steinfeld)


 Digital Spy (with Hailee Steinfeld)



ET Canada (with Hailee Steinfeld)


On the "Hawkeye" Red Carpet


with Hailee Steinfeld

Gift Wrapping Challenge (with Hailee Steinfeld)


Jake's Takes (with Hailee Steinfeld)


Men's Health


 MTV UK (with Hailee Steinfeld)




Washington Post Live (with Dianne Weist)

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